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Daily boat cruises!

Whichever of our trips you choose, we provide you with exactly what you need to make it enjoyable and just the way you want it to be.

Our boat has a toilet, as well as a cabin that you can use at any time. Our seats have cushions for a comfortable journey, as well as pockets where you can safely place your soft drink or water.

Our awning offers shade for the very hot summer days, but there are also spots for those who wish to have some sun.

On all our trips we offer refreshments, plenty of cool water and various snacks that vary according to the duration of the trip (for more details, select the trip you want and you will be fully informed).

We also have swimming aids for young and old, as well as a comfortable ladder for your transition to and from the boat.


At Kalyves Cruises we take care
of everything you need for a cruise in
Kalyves and in Chania!!

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